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Geography Posters That Stick To Viewers’ Memory

Geography postersThe purpose of geography posters

Geography posters are often used in conference presentations as visual aids to oral presentations. They can also prove useful in dissertation or thesis defenses. Other functions of a geography poster could include serving as support documentation in grant applications and as a portion of published research material depending on the original poster intent. Posters act as visual communication tools and encourage the exchange of ideas and communication with others in the same field.

Creating geography posters

The procedure for making geography posters will depend to a certain extent on the purpose of the poster. The basic steps that you will take in making your geography poster are as follows:

  • Determine who your audience will be. They may be in your academic field or come from a completely unrelated area. What reaction do you want your poster to cause in the audience?
  • What’s your story? Make a rough outline of the story that your poster is intended to relay. It should focus on one main idea or theme that is consistent throughout the poster.
  • Break your story into smaller sections of text or bullet lists. Information should be conveyed in a clear and concise manner.
  • Select pictures, graphs, or other images that support the thesis. Whenever possible use images in place of written text. Images should be self explanatory as well as easily visible at a distance of five or six feet.
  • Create a title that grabs attention, is informative, and interesting
  • Choose the method of of layout that you prefer for your poster. The title block should be in the most prominent position to attract the attention of viewers. The sections of your poster should be laid out so that the progression from section to section is natural. Typically people read from left to right and top to bottom. Presenting the sections of your poster in the same way that people naturally read will make it easier for them to follow.
  • Your poster should contain no more than two or three colors. Avoid using colors that are too bright as they tire viewer’s eyes.

The following tips will prove helpful as you create your geography poster:

  • Eliminate unnecessary words from your poster. Try and keep under 800 words.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of white space around each section. Viewers will find it easier to focus.
  • To make text easier to read use dark lettering on a light background.
  • Make sure to proofread for spelling mistakes.

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