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Working Tips For Physics Poster

Physics posterWhat is a physics poster used for?

The main purpose of a physics poster is to present information. The poster physics students in high school make will contain far different information than that created by a poster for a PhD dissertation, but both focus on conveying information in an organized and logical manner using both text and graphics. A good physics poster should focus on one main idea, concisely conveyed relying more on graphics to direct attention than text. It should grab a viewer’s attention at a distance and make them want to learn more. The poster shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so to relate the message it is intended to.

Elements involved in making a physics poster

The physics poster ideas you use may be determined by an instructor, a research project or just because it is a topic that interests you. Regardless of the idea or purpose the poster you make should be planned and created while considering the following:

  • Audience – Who is the audience made up of and what is the response you want?
  • Content – What one idea are you focused on? It should be clearly stated and supported in a logical and orderly fashion
  • Graphics – Graphics are the most important part of the physics poster. Graphics should be self explanatory and easy to make out at a distance of 6 feet. Very little supplemental text should be needed.
  • Text – Write using short sentences and simple words. Avoid technical jargon.
  • Colors – Limit colors to two or three. Light background with dark letters is easier to read.
  • Layout – People tend to naturally read left to right and top to bottom. Introductions are often place in the upper left hand corner. Important sections should have headings and the order of progression from section to section should be obvious.

For a more effective physics poster use the following helpful tips:

  • Make sure text size is big enough to easily read at a distance of three to four feet.
  • Plenty of white space separating sections. This makes it easier to focus and helps avoid a cluttered or crowded appearance.
  • Put information in bullet form instead of sentences
  • Always make sure and proofread for errors

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