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How To Create A Memorable Mathematics Poster

Mathematics posterPurpose of the mathematics poster

For many students, the ideas of poster making and mathematics don’t go together. “When will I use this math poster?” is a question often asked. There are many instances where a poster mathematics students have made can be beneficial. It provides a great visual aid when explaining a difficult concept during a conference or presentation. It can be used to summarize research including research that may be published, or be presented during a dissertation defense to justify a stance taken among other uses, so it shouldn’t be considered just a pretty picture.

Creating the mathematics poster

There may be some slight variation in approaches when you make a poster. Math posters for research projects will differ in format, but not a great deal. Create a mathematics poster by taking these steps:

  • Consider the audience – The audience you are writing to will determine tone of content and how its presented.
  • Content – Somewhat determined by topic and audience. Should focus on one idea or concept
  • Color – Two to three at most. Avoid very bright colors. Use colors to emphasize or differentiate, not just for decoration
  • Text- Don’t use more than 2 font types. Write in a concise style. Use bullet points. Try and limit the number of equations.
  • Graphics – Use graphs, diagrams or any other images that are easy to understand and easy to see. When possible graphics can be used in place of text
  • Layout – Title is usually in the most prominent position. In a mathematics poster, the upper left corner will usually contain the most essential information. Conclusions are placed at the bottom right. The progression from the first section to the last should be clearly and prominently indicated.

Use the following tips to make the best mathematics poster possible:

  • Maintain a consistent style. Graphs should be of same size and scale. Place captions in the same location. Use either bold lettering or italics for emphasis but stick to one
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes
  • Strike the right balance of text and graphics. While not fixed a poster consisting of 20 percent text, 40 percent graphics and 40 percent space is considered about right.
  • Make sure text is big enough

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