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  • Bullets & Lists Usage
  • Effective Graphics
  • Consistent & Clean Layout

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How to Create an Academic Poster Design Like a Pro

Academic posters are a great way to show one’s work in a meeting or conference. It is basically a summary of the project and an academic poster is supposed to be attractive. Unlike oral presentation, it lets your audience members understand your work more without getting bored because contents of it are all precise and relevant.
academic poster design

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Academic Poster Design Tips

You will probably have a difficult time in making an academic poster. It should impact and have an effect on your audience. It should have an academic poster design to attract people and to make it look more interesting. For example, you need to find some geometry poster ideas. It will be complicated to make one and it is recommended for you to follow these simple rules in making academic posters.

What makes a good poster:

  • Important information should be visible
  • The title should be short but catchy
  • Have a limit in words, make it brief
  • Text should be clear and straight to the point
  • Bullets are suggested for easy reading
  • Effective use of graphics and colors
  • A clean layout
  • Avoid dark backgrounds
  • Cite references and sources

help with academic poster design

How You Prepare an Academic Poster

  • Tools. There are a lot of programs on the computer that allow you to make your own poster. Make sure that you will be comfortable in the program that you will be using since there will be a lot of editing involved.
  • Academic poster design. A pleasing poster is what attracts tons of people. Color backgrounds should be checked and texts should be visible and readable.
  • Content. Your content should be minimal but concise.
  • Information to include in your academic poster:
  • Headings. The headings include the title, the type of manuscript, authors, and affiliations.
  • Main body. The main body is consists of the introduction, the methods of your project, results, conclusion and also the references.
  • Templates. The template is where you should include your logo, the color scheme, and your specific layout.
  • Tables and figures. These help to make your poster more pleasing. They provide information and it would not be too wordy.

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